What is Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime in Windows 11


Windows 11/10 users reported seeing Running Microsoft Edge WebView2 item in the list of programs in Control Panel or in the list of applications in Settings, as well as in Task manager under Processes. In this article, we demystify what Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime is on Windows.

What is the Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime

Microsoft Edge WebView2 is a runtime installation used to provide web functionality in Microsoft 365 desktop apps that Microsoft started installing on Windows devices earlier this year. WebView2 uses Microsoft Edge as a rendering engine.

In Windows 11, the component is installed on the system by default. In earlier versions of Windows, it is installed automatically for users of modern versions of Microsoft Office for the specific purpose of running Office applications and components built into applications, built on the basis of web frameworks.

For PC users who want to benefit from new or improved Office features or additions that are based on WebView2, no user action / input is required – as soon as WebView2 is available on the device, the component will be automatically installed . Regarding updates, WebView2 Runtime uses its own automatic update process, separate from the update channel used by Microsoft 365 applications, to keep WebView2 up to date with the latest security and safety updates. reliability.

Prevent automatic installation of WebView2 Runtime

Organizations that want to prevent the automatic installation of WebView2 Runtime on devices can do so, but the caveat is that Office features that rely on WebView2 will not be available on those devices. Organizations can prevent the automatic installation of WebView2 Runtime by doing the following:

  • Sign in to the Microsoft 365 apps admin center with an admin account
  • Move towards Customization > Device configuration > Modern app settings
  • To select Microsoft Edge WebView2
  • Uncheck the Activate the automatic installation of WebView2 Runtime option.

Finally, if for some reason Windows does not install the component automatically on your device, or if organizations wish to deploy WebView2 Runtime to devices on their own schedule, the environment installation file can be downloaded at from the official developer.microsoft.com page using either the Evergreen Bootstrapper or Evergreen Standalone Installer, depending on deployment needs.

Is the Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime required?

Basically, WebView2 requires Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to be installed on the Windows 11/10 device running Microsoft Office. Otherwise, if WebView2 Runtime is not installed on the device, users will not be able to use Office features that are based on WebView2.

How do I close Microsoft Edge WebView2?

Using Task Manager, you have to kill all Microsoft Edge processes one by one. Other than that, there is no way to close Edge WebView2 Runtime unless you log out of Windows or uninstall the component completely.

Is it possible to uninstall Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime?

Webview2 Runtime is required when the WebView2 application is installed on a Windows 11/10 system, which provides users with similar Office functionality across all device platforms. For example, with WebView2, the Room Finder feature will look the same when using Outlook on a Windows device and when using Outlook on the web. Office add-ins will also begin to rely on WebView2. So yes, PC users can safely uninstall Webview2 if the component has already been installed on a device.

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