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MINExpo International 2021 came and went, with 21,000 people from around the world reportedly attending the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The three-day event also attracted 1,300 exhibiting companies eager to showcase their latest equipment at a major industry trade show for the first time in 18 months. A variety of new and improved equipment options in material transportation and handling were promoted at the show, including manufacturer developments targeting aggregate producers.

Improved drum motor

The GrizzlyDrive oil cooler is intended for conditioning and circulation. Photo: P&Q Staff

One of the 1,300 exhibitors of MINExpo was VDG (Van der Graaf), which introduced the new oil cooling system on its GrizzlyDrive drum motor.

According to VDG, heat not only affects the longevity of engines and gearboxes, but also the lubrication of the oil. The company claims that a VDG engine powers its new oil cooler, which has its own housing with heat exchange as part of the system. The selected VDG heat exchanger is ideal for dusty applications, says the company.

“We take out the oil, cool it, pack it and send it back,” says Matt Lepp, drive specialist for heavy industry at VDG.

The oil lubricates all shaft bearings, gearbox, stator bearings and backstop bearings, providing what Lepp describes as the ultimate in lubrication.

Pulley options

Luff's direct bond ceramic thermal insulation was on display at MINExpo.  Photo: P&Q Staff

Luff’s direct bond ceramic thermal insulation was on display at MINExpo. Photo: P&Q Staff

Luff Industries, meanwhile, exhibited direct bond ceramic insulation at MINExpo following a 2020 agreement allowing the company to be an exclusive supplier in North America.

According to Luff, the direct bond ceramic coating consists of ceramic tiles that are directly epoxidized onto a pulley shell. Roy Wilks of Luff claims that the coverage of tiles with a direct bond ceramic coating is around 85 percent, so users will benefit from optimal wear and abrasion protection, as well as excellent wear and abrasion protection. a pull.

“When you have a conveyor pulley, you traditionally have a rubber coating to prevent abrasion wear,” says Wilks, sales manager for Canada at Luff. “Or, if you want to have traction on a dry pulley, for example, you will traditionally have, say, a rubber product, maybe diamond shaped. You might have ceramic embedded in rubber.

PPI introduced ContinuWing technology which is new this year.  Photo: P&Q Staff

PPI introduced ContinuWing technology which is new this year. Photo: P&Q Staff

PPI (Precision Pulley and Tensioner) also presented the pulley technology at MINExpo in its ContinuWing, which is brand new for 2021. With ContinuWing, PPI replaced the round contact bars with chromium carbide in order to offer the best wear resistance – prolonging the lifespan and reduced maintenance.

“We’re seeing a life expectancy three to four times that of traditional AR-type products we’ve seen in the industry,” says Mike Roozeboom, Industrial Product Manager at PPI.

New in pumps

The Godwin Dri-Prime HL300M pump was also present at MINExpo. This is one of the most recent articles Xylem offers, filling a gap in the company’s product portfolio.

According to Kenneth Albaugh of Xylem, the HL300M offers a flow rate of approximately 4000 gallons per minute and 425 feet in height.

The HL300M seen on the Xylem stand at MINExpo.  Photo: P&Q Staff

The HL300M seen on the Xylem stand at MINExpo. Photo: P&Q Staff

“It’s a great place to dry up a career,” says Albaugh, sales manager at Xylem.

The HL300M can be powered either electrically or diesel. It can automatically prime up to 28 ‘of dry suction lift. Automatic or manual start and stop are available via an integrated control panel or optional wireless remote access. The high head pressure, dry running and portability make the HL300M an ideal choice for mining, Xylem adds.

Long distance solutions

Beumer Group, which offers a variety of conveying technologies, was another exhibitor at MINExpo. The company offers both land and tube conveyors, and it used the show to share details about it. Beumer Group, however, has also been promoting its vessel loading capabilities.

For efficient loading, Beumer Group offers ship loaders with fixed booms and extendable telescopic belt conveyors. To complement these, the company says that users can purchase bulk loading heads that can be used to load bulk materials into silo vehicles quickly and dust-free.

Associate editor Carly McFadden contributed to this article.

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